‘Unrequired Reading’ in Sydney this week!




‘or the skeleton of a windmill’; collaboration with Margaret Walker and Maia Sinclair-Ferguson


‘Or the skeleton of a windmill’ is a mixed-media show comprising oil paintings, sculpture, drawings, digital prints and a film called ‘A walk through a Thousand Plateaus’ (2012) made as a homage to Peter Greenaway’s film ‘A walk through H’ (1978). The film is a collaborative work by MW and PS, co-written by spoken-word poet Liv in(the)finite, with original score by Ashley Blackmore and Felix Warmuth. (From: http://artpost.marrickville.nsw.gov.au/node/711)

Unwoven; a video-word-art performance written with Patch Sinclair (September, 2012)


The brilliant and talented Patch Sinclair and I prepared this piece especially for ‘Unrequired Reading’, a Brisbane Fringe Festival Event held at Turnstyle, a collectively run community hub! We were honoured, drawn into a cyclone of awe and inspiration, to be performing alongside Doubting Thomas and Eleanor Jackson, who shared a beautiful mash-up tribute to Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes which they had recently performed at the Queensland Poetry Festival! Click here to unweave further…

‘The Cardshow’ – supporting a nuclear-free Muckaty!


Finally uploaded ‘The Cardshow’ page! The wonderful Vanessa Meagher aka Flipt Animations and I multiplied our two hearts into six and spun together a weeping willow haiku against a melting moon! ‘The Cardshow’ is a fundraiser in support of the campaign to stop a nuclear waste dump being imposed on Muckaty Station (NT). To find out more, see the Beyond Nuclear Initiative website . To order a pack of cards or to find out more, visit ‘The Cardshow’ website!